Rapport3 Video Resources

Rapport3 Video Resources

Our video resources contain combined industry knowledge from a range of experts in our team, as well as testimonials from our customers on the Rapport3 software.

With exciting events, interviews and updates always just around the corner, new videos will be regularly uploaded. And for more news and updates, have a read through our blog section.

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View our video resources below:

  • GDPR Webinar by Daniel LoGiudice, Ian Mort and Matt Anslow

    What GDPR is, the impact it may have on your business and its effect on Rapport 3

  • Testimonial from Tony Plaw – PLP Architecture

  • Testimonial from Penny Burgess – Strides Treglowan

  • Testimonial from Michael Darvell – Costello Medical

  • Testimonial from James Barret – OCSC

  • Time for a Change by Danielle Cahill

    ERP Implementation tips: when to make a change and how to go about it