Rapport3 Job Costing – At a glance

  • Manage time sheets and expenses
  • Project fee forecasting
  • Project budget planning
  • Accurate resource planning
  • Monitor profitability
  • Invoice generation and records
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial reporting

Rapport3 – Accurate project costing of resources, staff and profit margins.

The Rapport3 Job Costing module enables you to accurately cost projects, forecast potential revenue and gives you an up-to-the-minute, real-time picture of how your projects are performing, helping you to keep your project on track. Accurate job costing will allow you to be precise with client budgets, quotations and better manage your own cash-flow.

Are you currently relying on guesswork, experience or spreadsheets to produce quotes, predict profit or track costs? Using a scientific approach to job costing takes out the guesswork, speeds up your process and provides you and your clients with accurate reports and precise job costing. Avoid under (or over) quoting for jobs, enjoy no fuss invoicing and respond speedily to problem jobs.

Tracking Job Costs

Rapport3 Job Costing tracks financial performance and productivity of offices, projects and employees. Track and validate current tax mileage allowance of travel expense claims.

  • Make managing timesheets and expenses simple. Time and expenses are entered through a simple, straightforward interface. Timesheets are also linked to your resource planner so staff can see at a glance how much time they have spent on a task compared with how much time they have been allocated.
  • Enjoy no-fuss invoicing! By pulling information related to a specific project from the billing plan, time sheets or expenses, invoices are generated with the minimum of effort, whilst still providing the option of manually managing your invoicing if this is your preference.

Job Cost Forecasting

Rapport3 Job Costing allows you to accurately cost potential projects, forecast revenue, prepare labour, plan sub-consultants and calculate potential profitability of your projects. Rapport 3 helps you ensure your staff cost and overhead rates and utilisation percentages are correct leaving you assured that your forecast and actual costs for both current and speculative projects are accurate.  Project staffing levels and resource requirements can be anticipated allowing you to better manage availability of resources and job costs. Rapport3 Job Costing includes flexible approval work-flow for standard time and overtime.

Monitoring Job Costs

By pulling data from all areas of the system, Rapport3 Job Costing allows you to easily monitor and review profitability, resources and fee forecasts, from individual projects through to the entire organisation. Simple monitoring tools will warn you if a project is spending too much or is under resourced and problem projects can be highlighted by comparing with predicted characteristics and real-time progress.

  • Generate intuitive, real-time financial reports. A variety of financial charts and reports can be generated as and when they’re needed, enabling decisions to be made based on real-time information, facilitating accurate analysis of your financials

Find out how you can use Rapport3 and manage your jobs profitability, it’s simple and easy to use – book a demo or arrange a call back.