Rapport3 Project Management Software - Integration Modules

Rapport3 Integration Modules – At a glance

  • Sage
  • OpenAsset
  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Pegasus Opera
  • Newforma
  • Twinfield
  • Access Dimensions
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Excel & Microsoft PowerBI

These integration modules link their systems with Rapport3 and synchronise the information entered between them, eliminating the need for data re-entry and ensuring consistency of information, saving you and your business valuable time.


Rapport3 seamlessly integrates with SAGE using their API, transferring sales invoices, purchase invoices and staff expenses every 10 minutes. A robust checking and approval process carefully manages the flow and validity of data, and the currency console makes billing in multiple currencies simple and straightforward. Rapport3 is then updated with sales invoice payment details as and when invoices are paid.

If you’ve made the upgrade to SAGE 200, Rapport3 is here to collaborate with your software. Rapport3 integrates with SAGE 200 passing sales invoice and staff expenses from Rapport3 to SAGE 200. Purchase invoices can also be passed either way, ensuring ease of use and quick convenience.


Key project information from Rapport3 is immediately transferred to OpenAsset, automatically creating a corresponding project, meaning you only have to enter data once. Imagery in OpenAsset is also available on the project dashboard from within Rapport3. A convenient and innovative integration.


Managed by Intuit, Quickbooks helps users manage each of their accounting functions. Rapport3 integrates flawlessly with Quickbooks to ensure each of these functions is automatically transferred from our technology straight through to the Quickbooks platform.


Rapport3 seamlessly integrates with Xero using their API, transferring every 10 minutes, Sales invoices, Purchase invoices and Staff expenses. To ensure the data being transferred is correct, all transactions must be approved before being available to transfer. Rapport3 is then updated with sales invoice payment details as and when invoices are paid. Rapport3 can also transfer the invoice with a “sent” status, which allows Xero’s automatic payment chasing function to be initiated.

Pegasus Opera

With Pegasus supporting over 20,000 UK businesses, it is paramount that Rapport3 integrates with this renowned platform. Therefore passing sales invoices, staff expenses and more from Rapport3 to Pegasus is automatic and easy.


Purchase invoice, sales invoice and staff expenses information entered into Rapport3 is transferred to Twinfield at the click of a button, keeping your information consistent across both systems. Rapport3’s currency console makes billing in multiple currencies easy whilst a comprehensive approval process ensures the flow and validity of data is carefully managed.

Access Dimensions

Rapport3 integrates with Access Dimensions, an efficient and versatile system that is well adapted to integrating with other platforms. Passing sales invoices both ways and automatically synchronising staff expenses are just a few aspects our integration covers. Quality control is built in, with a comprehensive approval and checking process safeguarding the validity of your information and giving complete control to your accountants.


With Newforma’s focus on connecting individuals and teams across the enterprise in the architecture, engineering and construction industry, we wanted to ensure that our integration technology was flawless, improving the communication process through project details, project teams and contact information being automatically passed between each platform.

Microsoft Outlook

The Rapport3 plugin for Microsoft Outlook for Windows allows contact, project and staff information to be searched. Selecting an email will automatically present the contacts information if a match is found in the Rapport3 contacts database. Even timesheets and expenses can be entered via the Outlook plugin.

Microsoft Excel & Microsoft PowerBI

Using ODATA Cubes allows a direct feed into the Rapport3 database, allowing for content rich powerful reports. At the click of a button, the data can be refreshed without having to change the report feeding off the information.