A Brand New Client, Bond Bryan Architects

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We are excited to introduce Bond Bryan Architects as a new client and Rapport 3 user. Bond Bryan are a UK-based firm located in London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Kent, plus representatives across the globe. Embracing the worlds of Strategic Property Advice, Masterplanning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design, they have a 110 strong workforce of highly skilled professionals making up decades of experience.

With a strong focus on the creation of lasting sustainable environments that will enrich the lives of people and their communities, they love to make places where people will gather, learn, make and create. Therefore their expertise in the Education, Research, Manufacturing and Workplace industries is particularly specialist.

With such a diverse range of skills throughout a very large team, and an increasingly large number of unique clients, Bond Bryan Architects needed a transparent system to keep the entire team in the loop, update client projects and to log and analyse project costings. Our Rapport 3 modules were perfect to ensure that their passion and commitment to creating unique and innovative architecture could be facilitated by an easy-to-use and efficient management system.

Please get in touch on +44 (0)208 390 1240 or drop us an email at info@cubic-interactive.com to talk to our expert team on how to manage your jobs profitability and book a demo.