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10×10 London – building positive foundations for the future

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Cubic Interactive are proud to be involved in this years 10 x 10 auction which is taking place later this month. The 10 x 10 London drawing weekend which took place in September, saw 100 architects, designers and artists come together to create 100 pieces of artwork. We have been following the event for the past few years and […]

Augmented Reality in AEC: What Pokemon GO can teach us about the ‘reality’ of AR

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The wildly popular game Pokémon Go – Niantic’s location-based augmented reality (AR) mobile game has taken the world by storm, rapidly evolving into the most successful mobile game ever, and it’s not hard to see why. Pokémon is everywhere and love it or hate it the game brings us a very important lesson…You see, Pokémon […]

‘Egg- centric’ Architecture

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Nowadays there are so many architectural solutions that we are seeing buildings of all different shapes and form. One shape that really stands out is the ‘Egg shape’. The egg was once considered to be the perfect shape – the symbol for perfection and absolute so a building with a curvaceous oval shape certainly makes […]