Does Rapport3 run on PCs or on Macs?+

Rapport3 is compatible with both PC and Mac devices

Is Rapport3 compatible with mobile computing devices like tablets and smartphones?+

Yes, Rapport3 is compatible with most mobile computing devices and smartphones.

Hosting and Data Security

Is Rapport3 hosted internally, or is it cloud-based?+

We’re big advocates of cloud computing and so recommend the cloud-hosted option to most of our customers. There are a number of reasons for this, such as the regular data backups that are taken and the greater speed with which we can identify and fix any problems or carry out updates. Our cloud-based solution is hosted by Rackspace, our data centre is in the UK and we fully comply with UK data protection legislation. To read more about why we are such fans of cloud hosting, visit our blog.


Does Rapport3 integrate with any other software such as Sage or OpenAsset?+

Yes! Rapport3 is designed to work alongside several key third party systems such as; Sage, OpenAsset, Twinfield, Access Dimension and Newforma. More details can be found in our Integration section.


What additional support do you have?+

Our support team  are on hand Monday – Friday, 9am-5.30pm to answer any questions or queries about Rapport3.  We also have an online user forum  to help with any out-of-hours enquiries you may have.


How much does Rapport3 cost?+

Rapport3 licencing is based upon an annual subscription contract.  Pricing is based upon how many users, which modules you select to implement and a volume discount based upon the number of staff within your business.  For further information on pricing please fill in the contact form.