Rapport3 Project Management Software - Email Management (Gekko)

Rapport3 Gekko Email Management – At a glance

  • Assign e-mails to projects
  • Searchable database
  • Scalable
  • Secure storage
  • Auto-links with contacts
  • One click filing
  • Advanced email folder management


The Gekko Email Management module is a smart email management and collaboration tool that lets you and your team group, file and search your emails centrally; wherever, whenever and whatever device you are using. It is secure, compliant and takes the stress out of email organisation.

Never lose an email again

Searching is both powerful and simple. Find important emails quickly and easily by searching against the email header, body and attachment content or searching visually by project and categories.  Attachments are fully indexed within Gekko allowing the content of common file formats such as PDF and Microsoft Office documents, to be fully searchable.

Unique Cloud based email management

The Email Management module is a fully secure cloud based solution, so there’s nothing for you or your IT team to worry about removing the stress of managing storage, hardware and time consuming backups.

Intelligent filing management

If using Microsoft Outlook, Exchange or Office365, the  plug-in provides an additional means of filing to the drag and drop method. Easily select from a list of projects and once the email is sent it is filed and tagged automatically; as well as auto filing on reply. This helps to improve compliance and instantly complements your existing quality assurance process.

Access anywhere, anytime

Gekko fully integrates working with your email client. If you can see emails when not on the internet you can file through Gekko too. Whether in or out of the office, using phone, tablet or computer.

Advanced email folder management

Categorise emails in customised project  folders; choose your own terminology and label the folders however best suited to your business. Gekko is perfect for collaborative projects, allowing you and your team to store and share emails centrally in one place.

Works directly within your current email

Using industry standard IMAP technology Gekko perfectly integrates with all popular email programmes including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, Kerio and more.

One click filing

Gekko lets you simply drag and drop your email quickly to your predefined project container, all with one click.