Rapport3 Project Management Software - CRM


Rapport3 – CRM (Client Relationship Management) – At a glance

  • Powerful contact and associate database
  • Quick find address book
  • Lead and activity tracking
  • Business development
  • Assign projects to people
  • Marketing and campaign management
  • Outlook compatible
  • Integration with mobile

Rapport3 CRM – Business critical contact database and campaign data at your fingertips

Rapport3 CRM (Client Relationship Management)  is a fully integrated contact management solution for the AEC industry. Manage and track interactions from all contacts including clients, prospects, suppliers, and staff from first the first communication right through to business development and post project.

If you were asked how effective your marketing campaigns are or to find contact details for a particular project, would you be able to give an instant answer? Tracking client relationships and connecting appropriately with the people in your network is critical to business development and smooth running projects.

Centralised Contact Management

Manage your relationship with your customer with confidence. Rapport3 CRM will streamline multiple databases of marketing and business development information into one single database with a holistic view. Each contact record contains marketing information about their company, this can be anything from company size, social media information, right through to notes input from news stories or market research.

  • Easy to search contact and associate database. The Rapport3 CRM ‘quick find address book’ means you can find the contact details you need, when you need them. Each contact record is an interactive page, with the ability to email, make a phone call or go directly to a website or social media page.

Track Business Development and Campaigns

A dedicated business development homepage panel enables you to keep track of the status of leads, campaigns, tasks and opportunities. Campaigns can be tracked throughout the lifestyle from initial contact, opportunity right through to job and completion. Business development tasks can be stored against a contact name so you can see when and how an individual has been contacted by your organisation and exactly who is associated with each campaign or project.

  1. Automate and streamline your business processes. Create business development tasks, set up campaigns and schedule reminders. Business development notes can be assigned to staff to action, these can be fed through to their Rapport3 homepage so that they never miss tasks and opportunities.
  2. Build and maintain distribution lists. With Rapport3, finding the answers is easy. If you want to mail shot a particular industry or particular group/segment within the project Rapport3 will take care of it; from helping you select key contacts, through to mail merging and then recording the end result.

Associated Rapport3 Project Management Modules

  1. When combined with the Rapport3 Email Management, project e-mails will automatically be associated with the relevant contacts.
  2. Integrate with Rapport3 JobCosting to building the project team from the contacts database and to synchronise client and company information.

Contact us to discover more about how the Rapport3 CRM can help you to make, manage and maintain your client relationships.