Silcock Dawson & Partners

Established in 1984, Silcock Dawson & Partners are a leading firm of building services consulting engineers offering a wide range of services throughout the UK and Europe. With their existing practice management system complex and difficult to use, it was decided a new system was needed in order to help run the business as efficiently as possible.

“Prior to the implementation of Rapport3 our practice management system was much too complex and far from being an easy-to-use, everyday tool” explains John Silcock, Managing Director. “Consequently it was having a negative impact on our confidence in it.”

Any new product invested in would need to be intuitive and able to easily provide the latest business and project information as and when required and needed to help the Directors understand how their projects were running in terns of cost and programme. It also needed to reduce admin time by producing invoices.

A bespoke solution

After discussing Silcock Dawson & Partners’ needs in detail, Cubic Interactive provided a set of ‘ready made’ reports as well as ‘bespoke’ reports to suit the information John and his team needed.

The creation of the ‘ready made’ and ‘bespoke’ reports was ideal as they could be developed over time as we learnt more about the system capabilities” says John.

Another key requirement was for staff to experience minimal impact from the introduction of Rapport3, so as far as the wider organisation was concerned only electronic timesheets were being delivered by the new system. The Directors needed a more in depth grasp of the system however, and so underwent training to better understand what the system could do, with the Lead Engineers lined up to become involved in the project costing and analysis process next.

Hands on and proactive

When it came to implementation, Silcock Dawson & Partners found working with Cubic Interactive an enjoyable experience and one which made a difference to the ease with which the system was rolled out.

“Our experience of the implementation of Rapport3 was better than anticipated” says John. “Cubic were very ‘hands on’ and proactive – a complete change to our previous provider. Cubic is a very interactive company and they respond quickly to queries, something that is crucial when introducing a new system. Probably the biggest issue with any new software is the terminology. More time should have been given to training but despite that it was amazing how quickly we adapted – a testament to the relative simplicity of the system”.

Continuous improvement and development

Ongoing support has also been an important factor, with the team at Cubic Interactive continuing to improve and develop the software package based on user feedback. Regular ‘Usergroup’ meetings allow customers to discuss Rapport3 with other users, and to talk through future requirements directly with the development team.

“The Usergroups are particularly useful” enthuses John. “The Cubic team really do listen to our feedback and requirements and often introduce possible new features during the sessions, which is a far cry from the previous provider we tried. I would most definitely recommend Cubic Interactive to other businesses. Their product ‘Rapport3’ and professionalism during our implementation was excellent.”


Company Profile

Company profile

  • Company: Silcock Dawson
  • Sector: Building Services Consulting Engineers
  • Location: 4 UK offices
  • Website:


Rapport 3 Modules Used

  • Project Costing
  • Human Resources
  • Quality Assurance