GB Card and Partners

GB Card & Partners is a UK-based specialist engineering consultancy with an international reputation for providing solutions to complex civil and environmental engineering challenges. As a niche business in increasing demand, Managing Director Geoffrey Card saw that their existing time and project management approach needed to change in order to support and future-proof the rapidly growing business.

Their existing system was spreadsheet based, making it time consuming to capture and subsequently examine information, measure profitability, and generate reports.

“As a consultancy we sell expertise and intelligent design solutions, not a tangible product that you can put a unit price on” says Geoffrey. “Our team handle projects in a number of countries, so we needed a system that would allow us to easily input project cost profiles and on-going variations in real time wherever we are operating in the world. We also needed to be able to drill down and examine time spent against any given project so that we can ensure we are providing the best service for our clients whilst optimising resource efficiency wherever possible.”

The system selected also needed to be able to examine the profitability of projects and of the business. In addition to all this, GB Card & Partners wanted something that would support them in developing their Quality Assurance system so that they comply with ISO 9001 going forward.

Company Profile

Company: GB Card & Partners

Sector: Consulting Engineers

Location: UK


Logical and intuitive

After researching the market and identifying the project management systems available that would meets their needs, several systems were trialled to ensure that whichever system was chosen was a good fit with GB Card & Partners’ business model and how its employees work.

“As well as delivering everything we needed from a new practice management system, Rapport3’s interface stood out as being much more intuitive than the others during trialing” explains Geoffrey. “It has a synergy with how we think as engineers and this logical set-up has helped with getting the system up and running with very few difficulties.”

Smooth implementation and ongoing support

As part of the move to Rapport3, data migration was managed by the team at Cubic Interactive ensuring the minimum of disturbance to GB Card & Partners, and the ongoing support provided has enabled changes to be made where needed and a quick transition for employees.

“From my experience of other project management systems such as this, the implementation of Rapport has gone really smoothly. The databases were moved across without error and with very little downtime for us, which was great. There have been little things here and there we wanted to change once we started using the system, but the team at Cubic Interactive have been very supportive in getting these made for us, and in making sure the system is working as we need it to for our business” says Geoffrey.

Hitting objectives straight away

Rapport 3 has only been operational for a short while, but it is already hitting GB Card & Partners’ key objectives for implementing a new system. Invoicing in particular is seeing major time savings, as Geoffrey explains.

Creating an invoice is much simpler now, with Rapport 3 automatically capturing time and expenses against each project for us. We’re engineers, not accountants and want to optimise our time designing solutions for clients.”

The HR and Contacts modules are also paying dividends, allowing GB Card & Partners to manage resources and availability accurately, keep track of qualifications, specialisms and CPD, and ensure clients are assigned team members that they can build or have built a good working relationship with. All this enables them to hand pick the best team for each job.

Rapport3 was definitely the best choice for us” says Geoffrey. “It’s intuitive, project orientated and allows me to generate and examine the reports I need to run the business. We can carefully manage our profitability whilst ensuring that our prices are fair and our services are good value for money. Rapport3’s cloud-based hosting means that our team can access the system wherever they are, and the QA module will help us meet BSi Standards for Quality Assurance. Having Rapport3 in place will also provide us with more efficient management of our projects, now and in the future; the way I see it, we’ll grow and Rapport3 will grow with us.”

I found Rapport 3’s interface and set-up much more intuitive than the others we tried. The QA module will help us meet BSi standards for Quality Assurance Geoffrey Card, Managing Director